Rejuvenate your Leather Furniture

Most homes today contain at least one piece of leather furniture- sofa, loveseat, recliner, divan, etc. Understandable, considering that leather is a natural material that’s much more durable than cloth. Typically, a piece of leather furniture that’s properly cared for can last for two decades or more! But in order for your leather furniture to stay looking good over the years, it will need some proper care.

As leather ages it not only collects dirt but loses its soft feel and becomes stiff as the natural oils dissipate. Sameday has everything needed to restore the oils and the “new” leather feel to your furniture. Also sometimes leather sofas become worn because of sun and dust and the color can fade drastically. Fortunately there is a way to replenish the leather. Sameday uses the exact Tier 1/OEM coatings used and specified for premium furniture manufacturers to rejuvenate the leather and restore the furniture to its prefaded condition. Our technicians are also trained in the application of the same leather products used in the finest tanneries. We can also apply a special protectant to newly cleaned and rejuvenated leather. This protectant repels water, coffee, soda pop and most other normal spills.

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