Sameday Dent Repair for Parking Lot Mishaps

Parking lots are ideal locations for “minor accidents” to occur. A lot of cars are moving around, and drivers aren’t necessarily looking where they are going, not to mention people moving among cars to get in and out of stores.

Parking lot accidents are usually low-speed collisions and although common, the minor damage caused can be very annoying. Fortunately these minor door dents caused by anything from uncontrollable shopping carts, to doors opened onto your vehicle in tight parking space, can be eliminated using the correct repair systems.

Sameday offers an excellent repair service for minor mishaps such as these common parking lot damages.  With our insurance preferred methods, we are able to remove minor car dents, door dings, and scratches from your vehicle restoring it to its pre-damaged condition. There are many advantages of using the Sameday repair method. In every repair we keep the majority of your vehicle’s factory paint intact, ultimately retaining your vehicle’s highest worth.

Although some dings and dents are unavoidable, here are some words of advice that could save you time and money…

Tips for Avoiding Parking Lot Accidents:

  • Park far away from other vehicles, if possible.
  • Use a turn signal when making a turn in a parking lot.
  • Park in the center of a parking space.
  • Paying extra attention when pulling into and backing out of parking spots.
  • Drive slowly through parking lots.
  • Avoid unlit parking lots after dark.

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